Dallas Mavericks vs Atlanta Hawks

Dallas Mavericks vs Atlanta Hawks live stream.Dallas Mavericks faced off against the Orlando Magic Monday night in Dallas, and the Mavs improved to 3-1 in the preseason, defeating an Orlando team that was resting a good chunk of their starters.

Another thing on this point: I think Rick Carlisle may have known what he was doing putting Dirk with Dennis and Nerlens with J.J. Smith, Jr. had moments running the offense where he looked a little hesitant, especially when the Magic defenders sagged way off him to take away the drives. However, he had several really nice possessions setting up Dirk for good looks, including a few of the classic trailer threes that didn’t go down this time(but you can be sure they will). It’s really a “pick your poison” between taking away Smith’s penetration or paying extra attention to Dirk’s shooting.

Barea and Noel also looked good working together, with Barea hitting Noel for a pair of sweet alley-oops. When the defense collapsed, Barea has great awareness to hit the open shooter, whether it’s at the elbow or in the corner. Having a guy who’s run a thousand pick and rolls the way J.J. has is a real bonus for Noel, and I’m not sure Dennis and Nerlens have that kind of chemistry yet.

Detroit Lions vS New York Giants

Detroit Lions vS New York Giants live stream.Detroit hope that trend continues when they travel to MetLife Stadium to take on Eli Manning and New York on Monday night.

Detroit Lions vS New York Giants live

After an exhilarating comeback win in Week 1 over the Arizona Cardinals, the Detroit Lions face a test on the road Monday night against the New York Giants (8:30 p.m., ESPN).

The two teams played last December, with the Giants earning a 17-6 victory. It was the first of four straight losses to end the season for the Lions, as they squandered the NFC North division lead and a chance to host a playoff game for the first time since the 1993 season.

So how will the Lions fare this time, with a healthier Matthew Stafford? We asked our experts for their predictions:

Giants 17, Lions 16: This pick is largely dependent on Beckham’s health. He’s a dynamic presence on the field, and the Giants need his energy to succeed. If he doesn’t play or is used primarily as a decoy, it’ll be a long night for New York. If he does, well, the Giants are at home, on Monday night, desperate to avoid 0-2 – a situation that screams win

The Lions need to run the ball effectively to have a chance against a stout Giants defense. Both Abdullah and Riddick are pass-catching threats out of the backfield, and they may be the Lions’ best hope to keep the Giants’ pass rush at bay. Given the defensive makeup of both teams, this should be a low-scoring game. And in a primetime home opener, the Giants have the edge.