Dallas Mavericks vs Atlanta Hawks

Dallas Mavericks vs Atlanta Hawks live stream.Dallas Mavericks faced off against the Orlando Magic Monday night in Dallas, and the Mavs improved to 3-1 in the preseason, defeating an Orlando team that was resting a good chunk of their starters.

Another thing on this point: I think Rick Carlisle may have known what he was doing putting Dirk with Dennis and Nerlens with J.J. Smith, Jr. had moments running the offense where he looked a little hesitant, especially when the Magic defenders sagged way off him to take away the drives. However, he had several really nice possessions setting up Dirk for good looks, including a few of the classic trailer threes that didn’t go down this time(but you can be sure they will). It’s really a “pick your poison” between taking away Smith’s penetration or paying extra attention to Dirk’s shooting.

Barea and Noel also looked good working together, with Barea hitting Noel for a pair of sweet alley-oops. When the defense collapsed, Barea has great awareness to hit the open shooter, whether it’s at the elbow or in the corner. Having a guy who’s run a thousand pick and rolls the way J.J. has is a real bonus for Noel, and I’m not sure Dennis and Nerlens have that kind of chemistry yet.